sexual responsibility

What is sexual responsibility?

 The term Sexual responsibility means the choices you make to have safe sex with the consent of the other partner. The sexual relationship between two partners can only be established on pure respect and consent. The youth of today must understand that sexual responsibility is a must in everyone’s life.

What are the critical factors of Sexual Responsibility?

 There are six factors of Sexual responsibility that one should focus on:

  1.  Open talk or excellent communication: parents today should take it to own themselves to educate their children on sex. They should make teenagers understand how important it is to be safe during sex. Open talk among partners should be done to develop a strong and trustful sexual bond.
  2.  Support system: both the partners must be supportive of each other and respect each other’s choices. Parents should support their children in their decisions and, at the same time, make them aware of the consequences of sexual activities.
  3. Equality and Fairness: two partners in a relationship need to understand that both of them are equal. And both partners have an equal say in making sexual decisions. Consent plays a vital role in sex.
  4. Trust: sexual responsibility is an equal share of trust in each other’s partner. They should trust each other on the choices they make and share each other’s emotions during sex.
  5. Honesty: both the partners need to be honest with each other about their problems or any diseases they have to prevent future complications. It is essential to have very safe sex with transparent honesty.
  6.  Mutual respect: this is a must when it comes to having sex. Both partners respect each other’s consent. And they have to ask each other if they are willing to engage in sex every time.

 When it comes to sexual responsibility, partners should understand the choice of having sex and respect the decision instead of taking it as an advantage. It is also essential to ask each other if they want to have protection.

 In India, many homemakers get abused by their Husbands daily as they lack knowledge on sexual responsibility. The male-dominated society believes that it is men’s right to have sex at will. This mindset has to change, and every family should educate their future generations about consent.

 Parents should take some time off and teach their children about sex and the precautions to be made. Children these days get exposed to porn and tend to follow wrong paths in their relationships. They should be precisely taught about consent and respect before getting into relationships and sexual bonds.

If a person is sexually active, it is essential for him or her to get checked once in a while to prevent any STD diseases. It is necessary to engage in only safer sex in case the person does not want to get conceived. Precautions have to be taken among partners to prevent any sexual diseases or any possible HIV and unplanned pregnancy. Sexual responsibility is crucial and very much required in this era.

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