Stress and Weight Gain

There is an unhealthy connection between stress and weight gain. Stress is something almost everyone faces irrespective of their job or location. It is one thing that unites every one of us. Every study conducted has proven that every adult is stressed out about one or the other thing. Most of the people try to overcome this stress with food. Food has been a comforter for everyone going through stress for a long time now. Be it overeating or unhealthy eating choices, and one gains a lot of weight due to this stress. If you want to get rid of the weight, then it is important to cope up with the stress even more effectively.

Fight and Flight Mode On

At first, when a person is stressed, they won’t feel any kind of hunger but if this stress is present for a prolonged time, then they will start feeling the urge to eat something. Once your body reaches a particular stress level, you will start feeling that the calories in the body are burnt dealing with the stress and you have to eat something to keep your body in control. This is a myth but people actually give in to urges and comfort themselves with food. You actually don’t need any food but food soothes and makes you feel better. From fighting the hunger to compromising with it, you will start gaining weight.

Comfort Foods

Cortisol is the stress-related hormone, and your body will release it more during the high-tension times. This can make you turn towards overeating, and within no time overeating becomes a habit. As the hormone present in your body increases, the insulin level increases. This way the sugar present in your blood will start decreasing and you will start craving for sugar. In such times you will start reaching out to items like cookies or ice creams. This is the reason why they are called comfort foods. They will help in satisfying your cravings, which in turn makes you feel good.

No matter how much you love fatty foods, they are not good for health at all. They are the main culprits for fat accumulation in your body.

Effects of Weight Gain

There are some of the effects that you will face with weight gain

  • Diabetes
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Heart stroke and other serious issues related to it

Ease Your Stress

Your weight won’t get under control until and unless you cope up with the stress. Here are some of the ways that you can opt to reduce stress.

Meditate: Meditation is one of the proven remedies for stress. You may feel it a little bit tough to meditate at first, but you can go with guided meditation and start it.

Exercise: Exercising is a great idea to keep yourself active, but do not over-do it. Overworking out will release cortisol.

Talk with People: Be it family or friends, talk and be with them. Start cultivating new habits like listening to music or reading books.

Consult Doctor: Consult the right doctor in your local area or book online doctors and ask them about your issue and take medicine on time.

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