Asthma during Cold and Flu Season

The cold will worsen the situation of an Asthma patient and can affect them in various ways. This is the reason why if you are suffering from Asthma, you have to be extremely careful with both cold and flu issues. These are the two things that will flareup asthma and cause tightness in the chest. If you get flu or cold while you are suffering from Asthma already, the regular asthma medication may not work as effectively as you expect it to be. Asthma symptoms that are caused due to respiratory infection may last for a long time. While there is no way to prevent cold and flu altogether, you can use some precautions which may help in avoiding the cold.

Preventive Steps for Cold

These steps may not keep you safe from the cold all the time but they do have a great impact on your health. Follow them without mistakes.

  • Flu Vaccination: Be it a child or an adult, it is important to get the annual flu vaccination. It is recommended for everyone who is above the age of 6 months. This vaccination will improve the immunity power in your body and make you more resistant towards cold germs.
  • Pneumonia Vaccination: If you fall prey for flu, then get in touch with your doctor and ask them whether you can get pneumonia vaccination. Usually, most of the asthma patients who got flu catch pneumonia, so they are careful with it.
  • Stay Away from Sick People: Germs that cause respiratory diseases pass from one person to others pretty easily. So, it is better to stay away from the person and the things that they use until they are cured of the diseases. Never share your inhaler with another person; this is how the germs travel.
  • Be Clean Always: It is important for you to maintain personal hygiene all the time. You have to wash your hands from time to time; if you are going out, take a hand sanitizer with you. Do not touch your eyes, mouth or nose without any reason. This is how the germs will start spreading.

If you are Affected by Cold and Flu

No matter how much you tried, if you still get affected by cold or flu, you have to be careful. It is inevitable, so here are some of the steps that you can follow when you are affected by the cold.

Get in Touch with Your Doctor

If you got flu, then it is important for you to get medication as soon as possible before it flares up your asthma. Get in touch with your doctor and ask them about the medication. Your regular asthma medication won’t be effective, so the doctors will prescribe a new medication. Get an asthma action plan

Keep an Eye on your Air Flow

It is important for you to know how your airflow is. Get yourself a peak flow monitor and take your airflow at designated times in a day. Now repeat it at the same time next da and compare the airflow. If there are any differences, visit your doctor.

Take rest and ensure that your body is relaxed all the time.

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