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Getting treatment done when unwell is challenging. Therefore, Dorays tries to unburden and simplify the rest of the processes – we let you find and book health care specialists through a well-accomplished, systemized process. All you have to do is download the Dorays mobile app or register on our website. Find a premium doctor for your health problem and let Dorays inform you about their next availability. Book your appointment based on it and receive a token immediately. Track the token time and consult the doctor when your turn is due.

Save the patient consultation waiting time

Our app services let you do most of the tasks –from fixing an appointment, through consultation and diagnosis, to treatment, post-care, and rescheduling – everything from a remote location, saving your travel time and cost to pursue different professionals at various centers.

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How it works

The process of going to a doctor can be stressful and extensive. You’re bound to go through prescriptions and tests for your symptoms and treatments. That’s why we aim at easing your mind about your visits and check-ups by automating the procedure so that you can focus on what’s important: your physical and mental health.

  • Simple registration on mobile app or website opens doors to multi-faceted health care providers.

  • Search doctors by name, profile, specialty, and clinics.

  • Book appointment virtually and get your token number.

  • Locate best diagnostic centers around and schedule your tests and scans.

  • Track your appointment/report status with your token number to save wait and travel-time.

  • Retrieve and access lab-reports, treatment history, and appointment history with Dorays’ associated doctors stored in your profile at the click of a button, anywhere, anytime.

  • Receive instant notification in changes in doctors’ appointment (doctor late arrival or no-show).

  • Easy cancellation and reschedule via web and app.

Why choose Dorays

Our care approach is ‘You and Your Family’.
Since we realize that everyone’s health journey is different and difficult, we provide streamlined options to meet patients’ needs. We make sure that when you are sick or dreading to visit a health care provider, you don’t have to go through a ridiculously long process and keep track of and carry all the files, reports, and prescriptions from doctor to doctor.
Our systemized approach, powered by modern technology, makes sure that your complete medical record is easily accessible on your dashboard across all medical facilities and doctors associated with Dorays, substantially reducing the need for paperwork, filing, carrying reports, explaining doctors everything from scratch, and spend money on retests and rescans.
Long wait time at doctors’ and diagnostic centers can make a patient even sicker. With our real-time token and status tracking system, wait time for the appointment and collecting reports can be reduced to almost zero.
Since we cater to individuals across all walks of life, we ensure that our patients are not denied services based on their financial constraints.

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Reviews done differently

Dr. Manoj jain, MD
| Oct 3, 2019

Very helpful App Patients and Doctors. Far easier than doing same things on computer. Allows quick and easy search with speedy booking. Even maintains history of doctors visited.

Dr. Subodh, MD
| Oct 12, 2019

Very good app and unique appointment system. Also, Doctor's feedback mechanism is good and describes all the basics in a good way

Dr. Ramesh Patnikar, MS
| Nov 15, 2019

Patients can see their medical records and Hassle token is unique system

Book appointment faster using Dorays appointment

  • - No waiting at doctors's clinic

  • - Search doctors by name, profile, specialty, and clinics.

  • - Book appointment virtually and get your token number.

  • - Track your appointment/report status with your token number.

  • - Check your status in real-time

  • - Get reappointment reminders

  • - Store and manage health records

  • - Pay fees online via a secure payment mode

  • - Receive alerts on latest posts and new findings by doctors